Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seeking shelter from the storm

This morning as we were checking on our pond and picking up anything that potentially could become a "projectile" when Ernesto comes, we found these two Bufo toads seeking shelter from the storm...or as Luke would put it... "hugging".

To all our friends in Florida...stay safe!


Kim said...

It doesn't look like they are hugging to me.


Brad & Stacey said...

Hugs are better than drugs.

Rick Hunter said...

In the immortal words of a very dear friend of mine: "Leeeeeeeet's boooof 'em!"

Amy said...

First question... did S say hugs are better than drugs or did B... Because if I know S as well as I think I do.... pop the prozac! (not really, just kidding there!) And secondly I think having that picture on your blog is against blog "rules." You might be forced to shut down your site for such questionable pictures. Hope you are having as GREAT of day off of school as we are. Thursday come quickly!