Monday, February 26, 2007

Quotes to remember...

No quotes from famous people...just notable quotes from our kids and conversations that we had over the weekend...

Luke: after getting out of the tub wrapped only in a towel, he enters his room to find that his shades are up...he immediately starts yelling for one of us to put down his shade as he could
"perish from embarrassment"!

Abby: During family worship tonight, we were talking about how we need to love our enemies and ways in which we as Christians can do that. Brad asked the question "If you didn't know Jesus, what might be some of the ways we treat our enemies"? Abby responded, "By giving them wedgies"!

Levi: When asked to go help Luke and Abby with cleaning up some toys, he promptly replied "I can't, I have a headache"!

They are too much! :)


Shannon said...

Oh, my they are funny! I miss those kids. I was thinking of Lukey and the fire ants the other day when Coleman told me he had spiders in his bootie (again!) I guess great minds think alike!

How's the potty training? Coleman is back in pullups. I'm much nicer when he isn't soiling the house.

Jeff and Jodie said...

The other day Jeff tried to con Ewan into going to Walmart with him, knowing he wouldn't want to go. He said, "hey Ewan. Maybe you & I can go to Walmart together? You know, have some boy time." Silence from Ewan.

Then, "Ummmm, maybe you can go by yourself."

Thanks for sharing the quotes! Miss you guys!

Laura said...

We just got the pictures! Thank you! Love the quotes!!! Hughes has asked to put the pictures up in his room! He keeps asking if ya'll are still in the mountains.