Friday, March 02, 2007

The Blessings of 4734 Jefferson

This is the view from my kitchen window. It is a rose bush that originally came from the funeral of Brad's grandfather-it is attached to a trellis that Brad had built for me. I'm going to miss this view and all of the memories we made in this house...

-watching Brad splash around in the pool with the kids
-Abby and Levi's first steps
-Luke losing his first tooth
-entertaining family and friends in a spacious dining room, complete with a built in buffet
-holiday celebrations
-Levi running down our LONG hallway to greet me with a hug...over and over until my back hurts from throwing him up too many times
-the "butler's" pantry
-frequent visits from out of town guests
-preparing for hurricanes (probably won't miss this one!)
-having both moms live with us for a period of time
-being 4 minutes from church
-laughing as Abby does "cheerleader jumps" on the trampoline
-asking Missy for brown sugar instead of going to the grocery store
-birthday balloons from the Richardsons
-LOTS of great babysitters in walking distace
-unending supply of bananas from our backyard

The list could go on and on and I could grow weary and sad thinking about all of the things we are leaving behind in this house...

But after this morning's women's bible study on "The Art of Authentic Praise", I was convicted to praise God even when I don't really feel like it- instead of the pity party, today I will choose to praise Him for who He is- and for what He has done in blessing us with this house on Jefferson St. And I look forward to praising Him in Vienna when He provides just the right place for us to live and minister in and just the right neighbors-and it will all be in His perfect timing!

Join me in Praising God-even if your circumstances are overwhelming you today! Here are some of the references we used in our Beth Moore study, "A Heart Like His"...all taken from the Psalms



Teresa said...

Isn't that Beth Moore Study excellent?!
One of my favorite memories at your home was a St.A's Youth Holiday Party! I think it was a 'traveling' dinner party?! Teddy and I had just started dating!
I'll never forget it ;)
Let's get together soon...we always say that, but I mean it!


Amy said...

Oohh.. can I add some of my favorite memories that you left off?, you and Kim sitting in your family room all nursing newborns while the other kiddos played outside...Plus all the fun birthday parties...decorating train cakes for the boys and pigging out on all that candy while the guys watched Napoleon Dynamite...and hearing Samuel ask if we can go to the "Hunter Park." Where are the darn tissues??

Brad & Stacey said...

Praise God for all of the fun and sweet memories in this house! Thanks guys, for reminding me of even more great moments! I'm going to put the kleenex box by the computer now!:)

Amy said...

Ok, so I know this is your blog, and your post... but I've been thinking about times at your house... (and crying off and on today), and have more to add. Remember that great shower you through for us when we were expecting Samuel...and remember when Kim and I came over and I brought that baby doppler I had rented...We all sat around and heard Ethan, Levi, and James go "bump, bump, bump, bump"... and then pigged out on Dunkin Donuts!

Shannon said...

What about Luke puking all over your brand new comforter that was dry clean only???! Not that I was there for that one, of course! (sorry, Luke)
And I remember you guys having me to a MOMS group before I even had Coleman and gave me great tips on babies and then we all went out to get ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery - and I couldn't make up my mind because everyone had so many good suggestions, so I went with all of them and had an ice cream almost as big as Luke's head, and ate most of it and have never EVER wanted to go there again! EVER! But if you want to we can go in April when we're visiting :) Love you guys so much.