Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Yesterday was filled with baseball games, swimming with friends, planning for Abby's 6th birthday party next weekend and running lots of errands! Today started much slower when Abby woke up with a fever.

It was great to have her crawl into our bed and snuggle with me, as she told about her dreams last night. She had dreamt that some of her best friends (the Courics) had moved next door into the Richardson's house and that we were having to help take care of the Couric's goats..(must of been the Motrin I gave her last night!:) Then Levi joined us and we all sang "Where oh Where did my Levi go...Oh where oh where can he be?" as he hid under his blue blankets...all of our feet tangled together. From the bed, we all moved onto the couch.

As we have been purging and packing to get ready for our move, it has forced us to get more organized. (Imagine that!) Brad has been taking all of our family videos and been transferring them to DVD's. We had great fun laying/lying ( I can never remember the correct one and Brad isn't here to ask!) on the couch watching Luke sing his ABC's at
2 1/2 and Abby as a baby, giggle as we tickled the rolls around her chubby little neck.

From there we moved into the kitchen for a big Sunday breakfast...complete with cinnamon rolls, pancakes and eggs. The boys then went off to church and Abby went back to bed...which is why I am finding a moment to write this. I think while all is quiet, I will go make some of Shar's famous chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies and even add pecans...

Hope all who are reading this is also having a sweet Sunday!


Kim said...

You will definitely have to share that cookie recipe!!! I hope Abby is feeling better. Love, Kim

Amy said...

We had a blast yesterday... sorry to crash your morning, but I do treasure each and every moment we have with you! Like Kim, I want that recipe too!! Shar emailed me!! Looking forward to having Levi this week. Love you!