Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Latest bribe...

So yesterday "it" finally happened. "IT" being poopy on the potty! Levi had been trying to go all day...running back and forth to the bathroom...only to come back and say "not yet", when I asked him if "IT" happened.
He loves to look at toy magazines that come in the mail and make out his wish lists. This week it just so happens to be "kitchen stuff" that he is obsessed with. Hence, the latest bribe. So I told him that if he did "it" on the potty, we would go to Toys-r-us and get kitchen stuff. Sure enough it worked!
Needless to say, we have been playing kitchen all day! He and Abby even set up a little table in her room (with blankets as tablecloths) and had music playing (from her Gameboy). All the essentials...pizza, chocolate chip cookies, limes and donuts!


Kim said...

So cute! Can I make a reservation at Chez Levi's? love, Kim

Anna said...

Cute kids! I am here from Johns blog.

Take care.