Friday, March 09, 2007

"It's probably just the flu"

"It's probably just the flu" were not the words I wanted the Dr. to say to me after being at the ER for 4 and a half hours. I am thankful that it is nothing too serious, like pneumonia (which they ruled out with a chest x-ray) but this is why I always second guess myself...should I take them to the ER or not?

This was my scenerio...Abby has been running a fever for 6 days now...all day she stayed in bed, ate nothing except 1 package of fruit snacks (which I gave her to take away the awful taste of her nasty cough medicine), coughed and hacked all day long and even threw up late in the afternoon. I tried to get through to the dr's office only to be put on hold forever. I certainly did not want her to get dehydrated and thought that something must be more seriously wrong if she still had a fever after 6 days...

Of course once we were taken back into a room and the Motrin they gave her in triage had kicked in, she was happy as a lark. Drawing rainbows, excited that she was getting to watch TV shows that were on past her bedtime, and even getting a little "saucy" at times...wanting to stand out in the hallway to see the action, instead of staying in her room. Ugh! Why did we come to the ER again...oh yeah, she's had a fever for SIX days now, she isn't eating anything and she's been taking 2 naps a day! It never fails that once you decide to take your kid to the Dr., they will magically get better!

I do want to thank you for all of your prayers and phone calls. I really am thankful that it is nothing too serious...just the flippin flu. I also want to thank our dear friend, Jessica who works as a nurse at Joe DiMaggio. Not only did she have a Dr. that she knew call down to the ER to try to get us in quicker, she also held a room for us just in case we were admitted and if that weren't enough, she stayed with us until 10pm, after getting off of her 12 hour shift! What a friend! We love you and appreciate all that you did for us!

The bummer in all of this is that the Dr. said that Abby is too sick to have her birthday party this weekend..really no big deal, we can reschedule...but I hope that the park where we reserved the shelter let's us cancel and get our money back! :)

P.S. Levi's rash is basically all gone now and he has just had a low grade fever today.

P.S.S. It's Friday morning now...Abby still has a fever, and Brad has been the next victim:(
but the park where the party was supposed to be graciously is refunding all of our money! Please keep Abby and now Brad in your prayers!


Laura said...

We are praying! Hughes says, "we need to pray for our Nemo Friends!" (Yes, he still is coloring on the Finding Nemo coloring book ya'll gave him at Christmas!

Jeff and Jodie said...

Hang in there Stacey. This is probably just as hard on you as caregiver! I'll pray that you escape it and that Brad & Abby get better fast.