Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"Can you pray for me?"

As I put her to bed with a cool washcloth for her forehead and some Sprite, I checked her temp one more time.


The highest it has been all day. I went to get some children's Advil and continued to tuck her in.

Sincerely she asked, "Can you pray for me?" " That I would sleep good tonight mom."

When she asked for prayer tonight, I was reminded of our retreat in Hungary a few weeks ago.

Milka had somehow gotten out of our room and had wandered off outside. It was pretty scary

for all of us since she really doesn't fully grasp the "COME" command so good. When I told

Abby about the situation with Milka, she without hesitation said ,"Mom we need to pray!"

God was gracious and He heard our prayers, and fairly quickly we found Milka, just checking

things out around the grounds.
I wish that I could say that when trials come, my initial thought is "I need to pray". Often it is not even the second or third thing I think about. Oh to have faith like a child! I am once again thankful for how God gently has been convicting me of depending on myself and not solely relying on Him.


Shannon said...

Last night Coleman puked all over your in-laws' living room, and as we got him ready for bed I overheard him asking Jason that same thing. It definitely stops me dead in my tracks and convicts me as well.

Hope Abby feels better!!! Soon.

We'll pray for that.

Love to you all, Shan

Alisha said...

Abby is such a sweet girl and her faith is an encouragement and reminder for us all. May God bless her with peaceful sleep.

Gordon said...

I've recently read Paul Miller's new book, "A Praying Life" which is SO GOOD.. I've been renewed in my enthusiasm for prayer and encouraged by his transparently weaving family stories w/helpful teaching.... Can I send you a copy?

Brad & Stacey said...

You are so sweet! I just got a copy and I am also reading it! It has been a very encouraging book for me as well.