Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Levi spricht Deutsch

Rarely do I get to hear Levi speaking German with his little buddies, so it was a treat for me yesterday when our neighbors were over playing and I got to hear him! Here is a little sampling:


Jen said...

Wow - Levi & YOU give me hope Stacey!!! Nice!

Brian and Wesley said...

That is awesome! And you sounded pretty good too!! Time for you (or Levi) to translate that puppy board book you sent for Amelia. You should here me try to read it! ;)

Brian and Wesley said...

Duh, I meant "HEAR" me read it. But if you want to come HERE that would also be good with me.

Shannon said...

Coleman just asked me what he was saying!

Oh, and he also informed me that Luke is his "favorite" Hunter now. Wanna know why? Cause his name is Luke. And there's a Luke Skywalker, get it?

Help me Obi Wan! I'm in Star Wars h-e-double-toothpicks! Argh!