Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gettin our routine down...

Yes, I know we have been in school now for over a month...but I just now feel like we are getting our routine down. Slowly, we are adjusting to the new schools and after-school activities. We also have been busy setting up Brad's office at Operngasse, along with building some new closets and dressers for the kiddos here at home. (as they had grown out of the current furniture) and I should say Brad and Levi were busy building!

Our "stuff" is finally finding it's way back into a particular "place" and I feel like we all are finally settling into our new "places" too.

Levi has had a pretty hard time adjusting to life at a new school, with new friends...but we are seeing him come around. His anxiety seems to be lessening, but he still could use your prayers. He is a BIG helper and is so funny! Just yesterday, he told me he was going to be a "mailman" someday and then asked me what I was going to be when I grew up :)

Abby absolutely loves her new school! She is making friends and although her days are longer than last year, she does her homework at school, which is good for all of us. She is our budding artist and leaves a trail of artwork throughout the house. Recently we have discovered this website, and have found some great ideas! Below is her latest work, along with a picture from one of her best friend's birthday parties...

Luke continues to do well with all of the changes, and is playing soccer and flag football. He also has had the opportunity to re-kindle a friendship with Andrew Mason. The Mason's lived in Florida for awhile when the boys were just little squirts and now he and his family are in Vienna for at least a year, while his parents serve on staff at Vienna Christian School. It has been really fun watching these boys together again!

New City Wien has started to meet weekly again at Operngasse for worship/Bible study and this weekend we are gearing up for a family day with the church at an apple farm.

And last, but certainly not least...Today we got news that our teammate Lindsay has the go ahead to purchase her tickets to Vienna! And while that means some more changes ahead, we are very thankful that she will be joining us soon! :)

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Brian and Wesley said...

Great post. So much good stuff going on. And thanks for sharing that art site. I used something from it today for homeschool, yay!