Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memoo would be proud!

We woke up to falling SNOW this morning! Mind you, it was mixed with rain, but the high today is only supposed to be 39, so the kiddos are hopeful it will continue. :)

As Levi was getting himself dressed this morning, he came out in these...

Totally cracked me up that he was all proud to be wearing Memoo's socks that she left here the last time she visited.

And I know you all are wondering..."did she let him wear them to school?"

Of course! :)


Mili and Ted Cook said...

Stacey, you're the best mom EVER.

Shannon said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! He and RoRo would get along SO well! She came out on 5 pairs of socks this morning. FIVE! All at once. AhhH!