Friday, January 15, 2010

My little helper is turning 6!

This morning Levi helped me make his birthday cake. My little helper will be 6 tomorrow.

Really? SIX? He is growing up way too fast.

Here are a few things he currently loves...

*making us laugh
*all things playmobil
*his big brother (he loves Abby too, but he adores Luke)
*snuggling with his blue blanket
*Olivia Books
*Milka pooch
*anything chocolate
*real mail from the mailbox
*playing Wii
*socks on his feet
*secret handshakes
*singing himself to sleep, as he rocks back and forth
*helping me in the kitchen
*licking the beaters

Happy 6th Birthday Levi!


Mary Porter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEVI! Being "6" is more fun than a 5 year old!You are my little Hummer boy!
I love you!

domandkat said...


Shannon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Levi! I remember holding you when you were a little tiny (ok well, not so tiny) baby and you started choking and I didn't even notice. I'm glad your mom DID notice and saved you, and even better, she didn't hold it against me - she even let me hold you once or twice more :) We love you! Have a great birthday, sweet boy!

Lyn said...

Happy Birfday to you, toot toot
Happy Birfday to you, toot toot
Happy Birfday, dear L-e-e-v-i
Happy Birfday to you, TOOT TOOT!
Love on your 6th from your neena

Anonymous said...
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Kim said...

Happy (belated) birthday Levi! I hope you had a great one (and a really good cake too!) Efan misses you. :)