Monday, April 25, 2011

Hohe Wand Wiese

Today we went on the sommerrodelbahn in the Hohe Wand Wiese with the Giles Family. It was a blast!
(a little scary for me...but fun none the less)  It is basically a toboggan on a track that can go up to 25 mph.  Thankfully there is one lever that you push to go fast or pull back to slow down.
Here are Brad and Levi getting buckled in...

Here are Luke and Abby "flying" down the hill...

and after a run with Daddy, Levi was ready to go all by himself!
We have really enjoyed getting to know the Gileses. They have been a real source of encouragement to us, fun playmates for the kiddos and they always bring lots of folk to church with them! :)  In just a few short weeks, they will return to North Carolina~ but we are confident that we will keep in touch and that they will come back to visit!