Monday, April 11, 2011


I am sick.
Have been since Saturday.
Flat out in bed sick. 
We have one roll of toilet paper left, moldy bread and dirty laundry that is spilling out of the bathroom/laundry room.
I want my mom.
I want a Dr. that speaks English, has hours that are convenient and can write me a script for this nasty sinus infection.
I want to be able to keep my tears from falling when I walk downstairs after everyone has left and see that Levi has left his snack for school on the counter.
I want to feel like our little world is not falling apart when I am stuck in bed sick.
I want to be kind to my husband, who is doing all he can to keep our little world from falling apart
I am wanting to not be sick anymore
I am wanting and needing your prayers


Lindsay said...

I am praying...and I promise there will be more toilet paper and new bread at your house in a couple hours. Love you so much.


leslie.kidd said...

Aw, Stacey! I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon and that your world very quickly turns back right side up!! We'll be praying! Let me know if I can help you!

domandkat said...

Praying for you - K@

Rachel said...

Praying you are soon feeling better and that Brad and the kids are able to see what needs to be done so you can get some rest.

Brian and Wesley said...

Praying for you, sweet friend.

Dede Hunter said...

I am wanting you to feel better, and wishing I could be there to help with the kids, house, food, etc. I love you!

kate o. said...

perhaps if you ate an entire cake like the lovely one you posted before this your sickness would disappear??

hope you are feeling better!

Shannon said...

Boo! I'm with Kate - eat some cake! Sorry I didn't see this sooner - you're feeling better by now, I hope?!

The Syvertsens said...

I so feel your pain. Been there many times this winter especially. Hope you're on the mend now.