Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness...

March always seem to be really full of fun things...

:: Here is Abby with a few of her friends at the "International Family Fun Night" at their school.  Each classroom represented a different country~ where native food could be eaten, traditional clothing could be seen and kids got "passports" that they could get stamps in.  There were also some cultural performances.  It was a really great night!

:: This week has been Spirit Week, and the kids have had a fun time dressing up each day.  For Abby, today was "book character" day
She chose Violet, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  She begged to be taken by car this morning instead of by public :)

And for Luke it was "blue and gold" day (school colors)
It was probably a bit over the top, covering his bike helmet with gold paper and gluing a trophy on top...but I love that he has really gotten into dressing up, and is not too cool for it :)

:: And last night we celebrated Brad and Abby's birthdays with our team

Happy Birthday Brad and Abby!


leslie.kidd said...

Such fun pictures! I loved Abby's costume today!! Luke's blue and gold are really fun, as well! You have such creative kiddos. :)

Anonymous said...

Incredible costumes! Great imaginations...did you two win the contest? I love you! :)