Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Recent Days and Recipes...

:: On Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for our dear friend, Tabea.  She is due in just a few weeks and we all can't wait to see this sweet little one!  It was a lovely afternoon of fun!

:: Tabea's mother-in-law made the cakes...they were pretty incredible and tasted yummy too!

:: I certainly do not have the cake making skills that Renata has, but I too like making cakes that taste good...

I have made this Cinnamon Roll Cake, two times in the past two weeks (for different events). Yep, it is that good!  I got the recipe from HERE...

:: Another new recipe I recently tried, was for Gnocchi.  For some reason I had never tried Gnocchi- but it was delicious!  Jen passed this recipe on to me and you can find it HERE... Bacon, cream and parmesan cheese!  What is not to like!
 *I used store bought Gnocchi- but made the sauce, and sorry, I forgot to take a picture :(

:: One day I want to make a cookbook of all of my family's favorite recipes...sort of like this. So cool right?

I don't know when I will ever find the time to do it, but I am gong to try to post more recipes on the blog, with pictures ready-set-go, so hopefully one day that will make the process of a cookbook easier.

:: On a random note...I love how Milka always finds the spot of sunshine to lay in :)

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