Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Christmas in July

This morning Abby said, "It feels like Christmas! We got all of our toys, and it's cold outside." While our Floridian kids don't really know what cold is yet, they do know toys. After 3 lean months living out of suitcases, our container officially arrived yesterday, and we've spent the last 40 hours unpacking. So we're tired, but very happy. Stacey will be glad to see me wear more than 3 t-shirts I've been rotating as of late.

Tomorrow Dominic and Kathryn and their kids Emily and Andrew come to visit us. They have been strongly considering joining the team for several months, and now they're here to experience Vienna up close. Please pray for their time with us. Abby has been busy making pictures and crafts for their visit.

While you're praying, please pray for our friends Brian and Wesley Wilcox. Their infant daughter, Amelia, is undergoing cranial surgery this Friday. You can read more HERE.


Kim said...

So glad you got your stuff!! Praying for Amelia. love,Kim

Anonymous said...

we are praying for your time with Dom and Kat.

Tomas said...

Praise God for all He is doing!

B&W said...

So glad you guys are getting settled. Thank you for praying for Amelia (and inviting others to pray as well)!! love, Wesley