Friday, August 31, 2007

The kids' vacation highlights

By far, his favorite highlight was fishing! After jumping through a few hoops to get a fishing license, it was well worth it! He caught over 20 fish! Most of them were released, but we kept 5 and took them to a local eatery and they cooked them up for us for dinner! Can't beat that!

We rented a small, electric wooden boat for an hour. This way we really got to see more of the lake. As you can see from the joy on her face, Abby loved being in the drivers seat!

Of course all of the kids enjoyed their ice cream...but no one quite as much as Levi!
(Memoo, we miss you cleaning up the cone after him!)


Amy Ross said...

Oh, I miss those kiddos.... I wish Levi could come over and play! James said, "Look there's my buddy Levi!" We're all missing the Hunters, that's for sure!!!

Kim said...

Give those kids ginormous squeezes from us! love, Kim

Joey said...

Your kids are so cute!! Those are great pics! I'm glad that your vacation was refreshing. Our team retreat was definately refreshing and we had a great time planning. We all have our plan tickets bought! We leave Nov. 3rd!!!
I can't believe you got those letters already! I sent them from New York so maybe that helped!
The best address for us is probably my parent's address:

Joe and Amy Flammer
c/o Kevin and Toni Huette
1907 Wakefield Ln
Bloomington, IL 61704

We are going to Eastview tomorrow...I will give a shout out to Sarah and Jaime if I see them for you!
We will be sure to keep you in our prayers as you all begin school. You can do it!

Mary Porter said...

I wish I was there too! I'd lick it off his face! (sorta like licking the bottom of the bowl!)
Great pictures! Thanks...I needed to see them! It's hard not being with you!

Shannon said...

Oh, I can't WAIT to se those gorgeous kids!!! Soon, soon!

Love you, Shan