Sunday, September 02, 2007

Nervous Excitement

Hausschuhe are purchased (special shoes with white soles that they wear only at school), backpacks are by the door, clothes are laid out and prayers have been offered as we get ready to start school tomorrow.

There is a sense of nervous excitement running through our house. The kids are ready to meet new friends and start learning German, but also scared of making mistakes and not knowing anyone. As a result of this anxiety, we spent most of the weekend trying to meet the needs of their love language...

Levi's really isn't a true love language, but if it has anything to do with a mess, then his heart is happy! Painting proved messy and a bit productive as he now likes to practice writing his name...all by himself!

Abby loves to spend time together! So we had "girls' time making cookies and special
punch...a secret recipe taken from her Strawberry Shortcake book...a real treat for dessert!

Luke's love language is also quality time spent together...and he loves to learn anything from Daddy. Today it was the many rules and strategies of Monopoly. Watch out Matt Cates, we have a real competitor on our hands!

So that is the latest update as we get ready to start a new chapter tomorrow. Our prayer tonight during worship is that others would see the love of Jesus flowing from our hearts as we meet new people and encounter new experiences.

Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.
John 16:24


The Millers said...

Is Brad drinking Starbucks Coffee? Oh, how we miss decent coffee! We do have i-chat and skype- both of which we use often. I think our name for i-chat is nomadicmillers otherwise our skype names are miller.julia...and i don't know kenny's!

The Millers said...

actually our i chat is AIM and its nomadicmillers and my skype is miller.kenny

Mary Porter said...

Brad, Your mother wants to know what "love language" is and was wondering why she never heard it while she was living with you. I told her that you would NOT do love language while she was in the house! Ha! Ha! I hope you are being filled with your love language...
MeMoo :)

Mary Porter said...

I'm praying for all of you!

Laura said...


Joe and Amy said...

Monday is going to be an awesome day for you! We will set some time aside to pray just for you guys tomorrow. Joe has been praying for Brad especially. You guys are awesome parents! I am so inspired by the ministry that you have right in your own family. God is definately going to use that!
As of now, the Europe trip has been postponed...we are sad about that. In order to get our visas we have to send in our original passports (along with almost anything else you can think of)!! Did you guys have to do that? Well anyway, that means we can't leave the country until we get those back...a little nerve-wracking since the tickets to NZ are purchased but we felt like we had to step out in faith and just do it! As of now we will not be going on our trip, it just wasn't going to work:(

KLeBlanc said...

Dear Hunters, I will be praying tonight for your big day tomorrow. Wow, what strength of character you all have! Love, Liz
P.S. Perhaps you could squeeze in a prayer for us, as we begin hosting a small group in our home Wed. evenings on marriage. Tony Caruso and another member of the church will be leading, I ONLY have to provide a clean house and a welcoming atmosphere, and find a place to hide the twins...Love, Liz