Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Neena!

Happy Birthday Neena!

We wish we could be in Florida today to change out the number stickers on the over-the top, blinking birthday sign that Mom has resurrected for many a Hunter birthday. We wish we could be there to make even a modest cake for the woman who spent hours designing, baking, and decorating everything from R2D2 to a soccer cleat to one ice cream creation that I seem to remember needing a blazing hot electric turkey knife to slice. She always went hog wild for us on our birthdays as kids, making us feel special and loved. Mom's excitement for birthdays has never let up, even if Rick and I get slightly annoyed receiving birthday cards written in bubble letters while we are in our 30s.

This amazing woman, so full of life and love, has taught me (even if I am a slow learner) what it means to be devoted to family, to have compassion and respect for the weak and aged, to take time to understand other's perspectives, to give sacrificially of time and resources, to overcome trials through a quiet, enduring faith, and to find a wife who loves the Savior.

For that, and for her, I am grateful.


Lyn said...

Oh, my goodness. You have totally embarrassed me, you sweet thang.
Did you get your "real" 1/2 birthday card? I'll probably never find another one.
Love, Mom

Laura said...

I love the picture! What a wonderful tribute to your mom! I think all mothers wished their son's would write sweet notes like this!! Kudos Brad!!!