Saturday, September 08, 2007

A busy week...

I wish I could be a little more creative than, "A busy week...", but that is as creative as I can get. As you probably read in the previous post, we all started school, and, over all, we were very surprised at how well our first week went. (Must have been all of your prayers!) The hardest part about school for the kids so far has been taking public transportation. One way is over 45 minutes, so if you do the math...Brad is riding on some form of public at least 3 hours a day. It has been even more draining since the weather has been unseasonably cold and rainy. One of the families from school gave Brad and me a ride home after a parents' meeting and it only took about 15 minutes to get home by car, so we are definitely considering a car now. We also have decided to keep Levi out of school for now. He was going to be going to different school than Luke and Abby, so it would have been too crazy to juggle getting him to school also. He is very content to stay with Daddy.

My German classes have been going well too. There are students in my class from Hungary, Romania, Italy, Africa, Poland, the Philippines, and of course North America. One class we talked about where we all came from and how many languages we spoke...I of course was the ONLY one who spoke one. Many spoke three or four. UGH!

Along with starting school, we had Tamara Mayer staying with us. She arrived on Monday and stayed until Thurs. She was a great help for our first week of school, as she watched the kids on Wed. and Thurs. evenings while we had parent meetings with the children's teachers.

On Tuesday eve, we had a pizza party and game night. The boys ended up playing Monopoly, while the girls sat around the table and talked! Luke cleaned house! (legitimately, according to Brad) He said it was his best night EVER since we have moved here! :) He is a "little" Brad!

Here's Leo (Dali's boyfriend), Brad, Nikolai (a Ukranian man that we have been getting to know), Daniel (Tabea's fiance), and "the Champion"...Luke

Tamara, Dali, Stacey, and Tabea

Yesterday after school we headed out just outside Vienna to Herbert and Maria's beautiful home. We enjoyed an afternoon "Jause" (substantial snack) and stayed through another substantial dinner. (They are the folks who picked us up from the airport, and he is a police officer at the Vienna Airport.) We had a great time getting to know them better and learning so many of the interesting customs of Vienna and Lower Austria.

I'll leave you with an update on "our" girls...
For those of you who don't know, all of these Austrian girls came to live with us at different times in the States. This was the first time that Dali and Tabea met Tamara. We really hope that Tamara will move to Vienna, so she can hang out with all of us more often!

Dali- Just graduated and will be starting the University of Vienna in October. She will be majoring in Sociology and she just got a new job in the 1st District at an art gallery.

Tabea- She is a teacher at Arche Noah and is busy planning her wedding. She and Daniel have set a date for June 28, 2008 and they have asked Brad to officiate the ceremony! We are so excited to play a part in their big day!

Tamara- She is living in Western Austria where she works a Konditorin (sweets baker). Last week was her birthday, so we went out for a famous Imperial Torte. She is a joy and encouragement everytime she comes to stay with us!


Lyn said...

So good to see all "your girls," especially the one including Stacey.
So, Luke's "the cha-a-a-mp!" I'll have to show Bob Barnes.
Love, Neena

Kim said...

Tabea picked a great date for her wedding! (That's our anniversary too.) Great to read about your week. love, kim

The Millers said...

We never thought we would need a car, and then we bought one last week. Crazy...but we are hoping that it will ease some of our commutes and give us greater freedom! Hope everything works out!

KLeBlanc said...

I am so happy your first week went well, and so impressed that you are able to be so social and have friends. I remember telling you that it took me a year to establish relationships and make Lake Placid "home"...good for you, Stacey!

Laura said...

I love all the pictures!!! Hughes thinks you need a mini cooper, but Hughes thinks everyone needs a mini cooper! Good Luck on the test!!!

eurorebs said...

I'm with Hughes on the mini cooper - but get one of the old, classic ones! ;) haha

Thanks so much for your comment!! You're right, we don't know each other, but I do know exactly who you are, as I've been somewhat "following" you guys over the last couple of years via blogs and such. I think we have a lot friends in common, which is fun :)

I laughed at your part about the People Mag and dark chocolate M&Ms (aren't those things wonderful?!). Gotta love People! Anna Carson (the Carsons were in London for two years) loves People, too! So funny.

I'm going to bookmark your blog so I remember to check it. Since a friend of a friend designed mine, I have no idea how to list friend's blogs on it. Ah well. Much love!

Laura said...

Can you picture tall Brad in a little tiny mini cooper?

Joe and Amy said...

It looks like you guys are doing awesome! It's so cool to see that you are having friends over and getting to know so many people.

Stacey, this is so funny, this morning I ran into your friend Kelley that came out to MTI. We didn't get a chance to talk b/c she was on the phone and I was running to an appointment. I told my mom who she was and told her to talk to her if she saw her again. My mom and Kelley got a chance to chat! I think my mom though Kelley was you, but the straightened it out!

Brad, this is so funny, Joe keeps losing at Monolpoly me! It would be great if guys could get together to play, I think he feels pretty lame since I keep beating him! I truly think its been a time of spiritual growth for me though, I am trying not to be a jerk when I win so awesomely!