Sunday, September 09, 2007

Viva Papa!

Cardinal Ratzinger's mother was born in Tirol, Austria, and he himself is from southern Germany, and so his accent was heard over the loud speakers calling to the faithful hoard at Stephansplatz yesterday. Luke, Abby, and I (Brad) went to see this man known now to the world as Pope Benedict. A lady from Vatican TV desired to interview Luke and Abby about their musings on il Papa, but Abby played shy and Luke was afraid he might say something that would get him in trouble! Banners waved through the air reading Viva Papa! (Long live the Pope!), the crowd cheerfully chanted Benedictus! Benedictus! I was deeply moved to pray for the faces around me, and for vital, Gospel-centered churches to take root in this great city. Thank you for joining me in this prayer.


Mary Porter said...

I'm glad the kids had this experience! You are in a prime place to see many famous people and where history is in the making! The move is on! (God's movement) Holding you in prayer.... :)

Lyn said...

Luke, you're like me. There was NO way I was going to be quoted when we opened the Funeral Museum. So glad you 3 got to go to this historic event! Your dad, Unkie Rick, Pops & I were in Stephanplatz over 17 years ago; so I can picture it. Love, your Neena