Wednesday, August 08, 2007


We still cannot upload pictures because of our slow internet I will wait and post about our time with Dominic, Kathryn and Tamara when I can put some pictures up. Until then, since I can't seem to keep up with my in box, I thought I would answer some of the "Frequently Asked Questions" that you have been sending our way...

1. What is your new address?

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 108/11
A-1050 Vienna
Austria (EUROPE)

2.What goodies can we send you?

Whatever you do...try to keep it light, as it is very expensive to send are a few suggestions

*handwritten mail (esp. for the kids)
*drawings or photos from their friends
*fruit snacks/fruit roll-ups
*Kool-aid (the kind you add sugar to)
*gravy packets or any sort of sauces in the small packets
*Twizzlers (Abby's favorite)
*cream of tartar
*cake mixes
*jell-o boxes
*pudding boxes
*Kraft Mac&Cheese
*brown sugar

(A big THANK YOU to Shannon, Amy, Dede and the Glam Grams for already sending yummy treats and needed toiletries!)

3. When do the kids start school?

The first week of Sept. I also will be starting German 3 hours/day, 4 days a week when they start school.

4.Does the church you attend speak German?

The Pastor preaches in English and then it is translated in German. (That is most likely what we will do once we start public worship)

5.Do you have a phone yet?

NO! Unfortunately we are waiting for our internet to be hooked up, and then we will hook up our Vonage (then you will be
able to call us like it is a local number)

6.Do we have our Visa's yet.

Nope...hopefully that will happen once we get Brad registered for University officially (that begins in Oct.)

7.Is the grocery store getting easier?

Yes! Everyday I get my staples and I use my "trolley", which is a little cart on wheels that you load your goodies up in.

8.Are you settled yet?

No! There are boxes everywhere still...trying to do a little bit everyday:) but we love our apartment!

9.Who is having the hardest time with the transition?

We all have our moments...but lately Abby seems to be missing her old house, friends and family back in the states. She can be pretty moody and swing from happy to very sad in an instant. She also is still very clingy to mom!

10.When can we come visit?
ANYTIME! We love guests! Some of you have already planned trips in Oct., Dec. and March. We can hardly wait!

11.How can we pray for you?

*our adjustment with school
*that we would make friends quickly (there are some very nice families in our building)
*we would live out the Fruits of the Spirit...toward each other and those around us (even the mean ladies at the grocery store)
*Brad's entrance into the University of Wien


Laura said...

Thanks for the answers to all the questions I was just about to email you! We Love and miss you guys!

Lyn said...

Did you really write this at 9 in the morning on Wed? Can't believe I didn't even look at your blog at all yesterday, Got a lot of info for questions I hadn't expressed. Love you.

Dawn said...

Brad and Stacey,
I am so glad to hear that the dust is beginning to "settle". (except for the chicken pox, the colds, the boxes, the unassembled beds) Of course, God's plan is well into action and He is certainly providing! That group shot of the Prague team(I think) made it look like you are already part of another wonderful far away family. We really miss the Hunter clan at St. Andrews! You take care and know that we continue to pray for your family to adjust. Love,

Kim said...


When you said in your email that you were going to Kazakstan in March early April, I cancelled our trip. I truly am sorry! April fools back at you Brad :). Seriously, we can't wait to see you guys. We'll be sure to pack some goodies in our suitcases when we come.


The Syvertsens said...

Guys, we have some of those items here in surplus, so we will send them your way! I know how important things like jello and vanilla are, trust me!

- Laura Syvertsen

Brad & Stacey said...

Laura, you are awesome! We are making headway on our place...but I wish I could come over and sit on your looks beautiful! said...

hey guys, I just wanted to say that we have brown sugar in austria! I will show you next time.
have a great sunday.