Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not far from the Kingdom

Brad writing:
Tonight I arrived back at the apartment at 6:30pm after a long day (hopefully one of the last of such) spent at IKEA. Speaking of spent, that's how I felt. Actually, I felt like I had been pretty jerky to my family, and in a generally sour mood. On the tram ride home, I began to pray that God's power would be made evident in my weakness, as a Ukrainian man was coming over for dessert. He was introduced to us through a PCA pastor from the States who was in Vienna last week, and who got to know him and have some degree of spiritual conversation with him, but the US pastor didn't know German and had to return to the States and asked me to pick up with him. It turned out to be a rich two hour discussion, and I was able to share both from the Word and from my own experience MY need for Jesus...not just 28 years ago when I first professed faith, but TODAY in IKEA when I wanted to curse loudly and unashamedly. (Note: the Spirit and my wife restrained me!) I sensed great receptivity from him. In his own words, he is spiritually restless, feels distant from God, and he is searching for faith, peace with God, and a Christian community where he can grow. PLEASE PRAY that God would rattle our conversation around in his mind and sink it into his heart, that the Gospel would begin to make sense and take root.


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Joey said...

It sounds like you might be experiencing a bit of a twang...I think you should get your family together (in height order of course)and sing your version of "my favorite things"...I know that would cheer me up if I was experiencing twangs!!
We will pray for you today...SCHVARTZZ (this is a better bad word than what Stacey had to keep you from saying today)!

Amanda Haskew said...

I feel your pain about Ikea. We have been feeling that way, too, lately.

Jennifer said...

hey there Brad and Stacey... Matt and I were at Ikea on Friday after being in the UK for 6 1/2 years and I still managed to turn ugly! Hope all is going well with settling in. Noticed the other day that easyjet is opening a new route this to vienna for £39 (which unfortunately is still over $80 each way) but feel free to come and visit!! thinking of you guys.
matt and Jenn. I found your blog again, trying to find your email address. I hope to come back again.
jenn for the irvines
p.s. that's pretty funny about your daughter! =)