Saturday, April 12, 2008

Growth... seems to be the theme for the last few weeks. Today I have to go out and get Luke some new shoes, as you literally can see his toes sprouting through the ends of his shoes.
He is a weed

As I write this, Brad has the kids at Toys R Us and Abby is using her own money to buy herself a new the one that she got a few years back is now too small.
She too is growing...way too fast

And the picture above shows that the Easter bunnies that Neena sent, are finally growing some grass "hair" after many days in the sun...

Everything around me seems to be growing. Even my faith. I know some of you have been a bit worried about the love/hate post I wrote...thanks for your concern, prayers and words of encouragement. I am just growing. Learning to trust more. Control less. Pray more. Feel even more stretched beyond my abilities. But growing...

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