Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Party 1, a field trip and Party 2...

Do you like the title of my post? Really original huh? Well, since the weekend, we have had a whirlwind of activities and now my brain is just plain tired. We attended a birthday party for our friend, Christopher at the Kindermuseum of the Schloss Schönbrunn on Sunday. When we go to a party like this, it is just a great reminder that our kids are GROWING UP IN VIENNA and are being provided the opportunity to have such amazing experiences!
Here is Alice and Abby putting on their gloves, so they can serve their "guests". They got to use REAL china, glasses and silverware and then pick out "play" food. I asked if any dishes had ever gotten broken in the process and she said "LOTS"! :)
On Tuesday, Abby's class had a field trip to the Kunsthistorisches Museum
Some of the finest pieces of art in the world are held here, and Abby got to go here because she is studying "colors"... (and she just happens to live in Vienna!)

After the fieldtrip, we were off to celebrate Abby's 8th birthday! We headed to Dianabad for some fun in the water! The waterslide is definitely the best one I have ever been on! Here goes Abby...

Then we got to eat Daddy's yummy creation...and swim some more
the girls...Hannah, Abby, Alice and Magdalena

So much fun!


Kim said...

Both parties looked like so much fun! When I went to that museum last year I saw a number of small kids there with their classes, and I thought of your kids and what a great experience that is for them. Happy early birthday Abby and Brad! :) Kim

Marla and Rob said...

Wow!! Looks like tons of fun!!!! Happy Birthday Abby!! Love you all, Marla:)