Thursday, April 02, 2009


I have a new shade of "dark chocolate" or "black" as the kiddos say, to cover the gray

We have new covers for our pillows thanks to Alisha

Abby is on a new learn sign language. This all started when we read a book about Helen Keller

New brilliant shades of yellow are popping up all over...I think Spring is finally here!

And with the new season finally here, bring on the ice cream!!!

P.S. We're also getting a new addition to our team :)


Amy Ross said...

Stacey, Your hair is SOOO long! I love it. I get a new shade of dark chocolate every four weeks thanks to my stubborn gray...ahhh.

Spring is finally here too...things are finally starting to bloom and this weekend we should have temps in the 60's and 70's!

Miss ya!

domandkat said...

I agree with Amy - your new shade is great! I like it better than the first one back a couple of years ago - the last time I remember seeing a photo of you online since you're usually taking the photos!

That ice cream looks absolutely delicious - whose mouth is that? They should be in ice cream commercials!

Still enjoying the Austrian treats...


Brad & Stacey said...

It is a Magnum Double Caramel...Luke is eating it and enjoying every bite!

our family said...

Stacey Your hair looks good. I just went a little darker with my hair color last week and it sure takes some getting used to. My girls said they liked it but I was not sure about it. Although my roots need coloring a little less frequently.

We are enjoying the yellow Forsythia bushes starting to bloom inour back yard also.

The yummy ice cream is making me drool. You know pregnant ladies and ice cream! I am going to have to go out for some tonight.


Kim said...

Your hair looks great! Ethan knows the signs for quiet and sit down REALLY well. :) They are learning it in class. What were we doing one year ago? :) Kim

Brad & Stacey said...

Has it really been a year???

Enjoying time TOGETHER!!! Miss you guys! :)

leslie.kidd said...

I love the new color and the new pillow covers!! You take such good pictures. I recently read a really good book about Helen Keller as well :) Looking forward to tomorrow evening!

domandkat said...

All you had to do was say the word Magnum and I think I gained a pound... I'll just watch Luke eat that fabulous confection and be glad they don't actually sell them on this side of the ocean!

Tell Abby that I went crazy over Helen Keller in the third grade. It lasted until 5th grade when I discovered space - but I've been able to spell the alphabet ever since! She was one really cool lady :-)

Shannon said...

As long as she doesn't act like Rowan - oops, I mean Helen Keller - at the dinner table (pre-teacher) I think she's got a great role model there... :)

Love the hair, love the pillows, love the ice cream (miss those!) but I definitely DON'T love that you're so far away.

PS got to hang with a King Charles Cavalier today named Alastair - what a sweet little dog! I bet Milka would like him.