Friday, April 10, 2009

Rise up and pray for us!

(click on photo to enlarge invite)

As you remember the death of Christ on this Good Friday and look forward to celebrating His resurrection this Sunday, please remember to pray for us in Vienna.

This Sunday we will be holding an Easter worship service at 4pm. We have invited many of our friends and acquaintances here to the service, and of course we don't know what to expect! Please pray for many to come, for the message to bring hope and healing to those present, and for this Sunday to be a good foundation on which to build.

We've also made an offer to rent a facility for worship, Bible studies, events, hanging out, and office space. The facility is in an ideal location with a great layout and the right cost, but there are some things holding up the offer. Please pray for God to take away the road blocks.

Lastly, with help from our friend Herbert and our sister church in Western Austria, we've turned in our Non-Profit Organization application. We need to start this NPO in order to begin the church, rent a place, etc. Again, the application is on hold until we make some minor changes to the statutes (which we're doing right now). Please pray that it will get approved--and fast!

Thanks to all of you for partnering with us in prayer!


Jen said...

Already praying!!!

Brian and Wesley said...

These are such exciting times! We will cover you in prayer this weekend and as these things move forward. Love you guys!

Phil and Shanna said...

How exciting! We'll be praying for you guys in Prague tomorrow at 4!

Brad & Stacey said...

Thanks everybody! We'll tell you how it goes.