Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Different Routine...

This is the second year that Brad has gone to Florida to be with his mom, while my mom came to visit Vienna. It is not what you think...as they have a very good relationship, but it does give us special one on one time with our moms.

The routine is different when Daddy is gone.

Many dinners consist of popcorn and baths get put off for a few days. The kiddos also get to take turns sleeping with me (at least Abby and Levi do, as Luke "prefers his own bed" translated, "I am too old to sleep with my mom") It also helps when my mom is here, so she too can be added in the rotation.

Of course there are often melt-downs about whose turn it is to sleep with whom, and my patience often runs thin around bedtime...but for the most part it is a sweet time for all of us.

Levi sings and rocks himself to sleep, and Abby usually falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow. They both have their special blankets, a cup of water and secret handshakes. Sometimes it feels high maintenance, but often I can appreciate their little bedtime quirks, knowing that they are only little for so long.

Once they are long asleep, I love to stare at their faces, take in their sweet breath, wonder what they are dreaming about and pray over them.

And don't get me wrong...often there is more stress in the daily routine when Daddy is gone, so I also enjoy the QUIET!

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Shannon said...

Haha! Can I have that picture to add to my Abby fridge collection :)