Friday, February 05, 2010

We were supposed to go skiing...

At least, that was the plan for this weekend. For well over 6 months now, we had planned to spend some days skiing with some of our Austrian friends since the kids were off of school all week. Brad returned from visiting his mom on Wed, my mom left on Thursday and we were supposed to take off that afternoon.

Obviously, the plans changed.

Luke had been running a fever off and on again for just over a week. None of us have felt quite right since our bout with the weird flu, so I really thought it was just a leftover symptom from that. Some mom I am huh?

Since our family Dr. only has certain hours, and we had missed them for that particular day...we decided that he needed to be seen and have blood work done. Brad took him to the hospital and they ran some tests, but nothing came back conclusive. His temp spiked again while he was there, so they knew something was wrong but told him to come back this morning to have more tests done. It was a chest x-ray that finally confirmed that he did have pneumonia and would in fact have to be admitted for IV antibiotics.

There is more to the story, but all in all, Luke is hanging in there. He still has a fever and has a hep lock in-but has yet to get IV antibiotics. We are not sure why and can't seem to get a straight
answer. He has received one dose of oral antibiotics and we are hopeful to get more answers in the morning.

Fortunately, he has a private room and Brad is spending the night with him. He was also able to enjoy some yummy kaiserschmarrn (which the hospital brought as a snack before dinner) and has not been too sick to play monopoly with Daddy!

Thanks for your prayers and get-well wishes!

3pm Saturday

Luke is home and resting. He was sent home with antibiotics and an inhaler. He will go back for a repeat chest X-ray on Tuesday to see if he can return to school.


Jodie said...

poor guy! praying for you all. I'm sorry about your trip... I hope you can make it up later some how!

Brian and Wesley said...

Thanks for the update. Praying for him and all of you!!

Mary Porter said...

Hey Luke...this is no way to spend your holiday! I'm glad to see you smiling. I'm praying for your spiritual growth and a speedy recovery! I LOVE YOU!
MeMoo :)

Shannon said...

Keep us updated, please! Praying now.

Nathan Lewis said...

praying for you, Luke. We've yet to meet, but I am coming to visit your family in March. I am a new director of WHM and a church planter in Oregon. There are cultural similarities between our cities. The most notable connection is that the Principal Conductor and Music Director of the Oregon Symphony is Carlos Kalmar, who lives both in Portland and in Vienna. I praying for a greater connection forged by the gospel. I look forward to meeting you along with the rest of your family.
nathan lewis.