Friday, February 26, 2010

His Dream...

After watching the Winter Olympics...Levi has decided he wants to be a bobsledder when he grows up.

Lately, when he is running through the house and I ask him to slow down he says... "Mom, but I have to train to be a fast bobsledder"

or when he picks up Luke's 5 pound arm weights..."Mom, I have to be strong to be a good bobsledder"

So when I saw this commercial, it about brought tears to my eyes as I thought about Levi and his dream.

May he always dream big!


Jen said...

I love that commercial too! I've even stopped fast forwarding on the DVR to watch it :)

Shannon said...

Great comercial! It brought tears to my eyes too, and now Jason is making fun of me! I think I need to go to bed :)

How cute that Levi wants to be a bobsledder. I love him.

We saw your mom today at the picnic. I love her, too!