Friday, March 19, 2010

First time away from home...

Yesterday, Abby left for a 3 day ski trip with her school. I know, 3 days is a long time right? Especially when it is the first time...

So we load up the car and I say, "Hey Ab, how are you feeling?"
Ok, so I guess the 3 days will only be long for me...

Here we are waiting for the bus... take note that I am the only weirdo with a camera

Here are all of her necessities...her suitcase, skis, backpack and Hula Hoop :)
Yep, the Hula Hoop is for the talent show that they are having tonight...again, I am reminded that she will probably not miss us at hoo

Finally IT arrives...

Look at the size of this bus that my baby girl is going to ride on...crazy!

She walks on all smiles!

And they are...


I miss her:)


Mary Porter said...

Oh Stacey...I feel your heart strings being tugged. She is beginning to declare her independence! You have raised her proud!

leslie.kidd said...

Aww! Sweet, good for her! I remember the days of talent shows on your school trips ... oh dear! lol
Looking forward to this afternoon - look at the SUN!!! :)

Shannon said...

Weirdo! (haha)