Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Yep- I am home alone today for the first time since the beginning of January! That's when all of the germs invaded and took over the bodies of our children...and they were all home from school at different times...until today!

Today:: I feel like a new women...not having to do breathing treatments, check temperatures, pour antibiotics, or put in nose drops!

Today:: it's just me and Milka... our dog who thinks she owns the place. This is her favorite place to perch herself...maybe she thinks she is a cat?

Today:: I want to make this, (but I won't because I am trying to not eat so much sugar)

our fabulous niece turns 14! Happy Birthday Elisabeth!

Today:: is also the date 13 years ago
, that I told Brad I would marry him!

:: is a GOOD day!


Mary Porter said...

A great day indeed! Milka is the "Queen" of the new grey chair! I'm glad the kids are all back in school!
Happy engagement anniversary! :)

Dede Hunter said...

Just relax... do nothing!

Marla and Rob said...

SOOO Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend!!

Shannon said...

That pooch is so stinking cute, I would let her sit with me on the couch all day!!! Hope you did!