Monday, April 19, 2010

Wild Weekend...

This past weekend was without question, one wild weekend. On Friday and Saturday, we welcomed pastors, elders, and leaders from across Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Sweden to our "Synod in the City." It was our young denomination's second General Assembly, and we were grateful for the unity and charity of all of the brothers present.

Saturday evening we headed to the Rathaus for the Steiermark Fest (Festival of the Austrian province of Styria). Americans might know Styria as the birthplace of the governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wine flowed freely. Lederhosen were the trousers of choice.

At the Styrian Festival, Abby was enthralled by the zip slide which carried daring souls across the Rathausplatz and over the massive crowds below. She had to try it. I (Dad) told her that either (1) she was too young or small to go, (2) it would be too expensive, or (3) the line would be too long. But Daddy's little girl has a way of coaxing me to at least consider it. I was wrong about #2 and #3. It was free, and the line was about 20 minutes, but I was right about #1. She was about an inch too short. "No problem. If Dad agrees to go with you." So Dad took one for the team, and Abby was all smiles.

Sunday morning was the Vienna City Marathon, and since our worship service doesn't start until 4pm, Luke was able to run in his first mini-marathon, a 4.2 km run. He did us proud, especially with NO training, and finished with a sprint.

Now it's time for a (hopefully) slower week!


melissa said...

So GREAT that Abby could do that...and great job to Papa for going with her! got a good laugh from the photos. :)

Stacey - are you doing the Frauenlauf on May 30?

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday...and please, bring your camera!

domandkat said...

Go Abby! Sometimes us Moms and Dads need a little prodding to go do something that's actually fun! Once we do it, we don't regret it either!

Had been wondering just this morning how you weekend went. Sounds quite special.

Brian and Wesley said...

You guys are amazing and so are your kids! Go Abby!! And I loved seeing the pics of Luke running--especially the black socks. Very Euro. ;)

Shannon said...

HAHA Brian and Wesley :)