Saturday, September 01, 2012

Olympic Fever...Part 1

Getting to go to the Olympics is one of those events that falls into the category of "Once in a lifetime."
Brad had started dreaming and planning in February.  When he first asked me what I thought about going to the Olympics, I must admit that it wasn't my first choice.  I wanted a relaxing trip with the family, not crowds and chaos.  But he convinced me with statements like.... "when are we ever going to be this close to a city that is hosting the Summer Games, or this is a once in a lifetime chance and we can see if friends of ours will let us stay in their place while they are in the States for the summer so we don't have to get an expensive hotel." (thanks Matt and Jen;)

So off we went to London...

and guess who was on our flight...the team from Belarus (this is only a few of them)
I cannot tell you how excited the kiddos were to actually meet Olympians!  So cool :)

Memoo and Luke arrived the day after us, and it was good to be reunited with them

AND Krispy Creme doughnuts, which just happened to be in the same terminal that they arrived in!

Our first few days in London, we toured the city! (hopefully more on that to come later)  The third day we had tickets for track and field in the stadium.  Of course the day began with face paint, cause if we were going to do this...we were going to do it all the way-or at least some of us were!

and some of us wore flags...
some fans wore spandex...
and others painted their nails
others wore wigs
but we all had one thing in common...we had been infected with OLYMPIC FEVER!  You could feel the excitement in the air and the rush of rooting for the athletes was exhilarating!

this is a picture of the Olympic torch that was being shown on the big screens

this was inside the stadium

here are some of the athletes walking into the stadium

According to the papers, we witnessed the best night for USA Track and Field in 20 years!  We saw the Women's long jump finals, the Women's 200 meter final, the Men's 110 hurdles final, the Women's 400 hurdles final , the high jump and the 400 meters of the Men's decathlon and the Men's 200 meter semi finals...yes-we saw Usain Bolt!

He is one fast and charismatic dude!

We also saw the javelin qualification rounds, and when the athletes were done throwing, little remote controlled mini-coopers would retrieve the javelins...

How cool is that!

This is Britney Reese, who won the Gold medal for the US!

Go USA!!!!!!

(Olympic Fever... Part 2 will be of the Women's Final soccer match!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories! Every day was filled with lifetime memories! So much fun and excitement with many stories to share! Thanks Brad for encouraging your lovely bride for this once in a lifetime experience!
Loved being with you! :)