Monday, September 24, 2012

Room Updates...

I wouldn't say we did total room makeovers for the kiddos, but we did make some improvements over the past few weeks.  We moved the boys upstairs last year around this time- but we are just now getting around to making their rooms fit their personalities, likes and ages.

Luke is a bit of a mini Brad, and loves to travel and collect things along the way.  We wanted to update his room to showcase the things that he enjoys, and he also needed a bigger space to do his homework.  Brad purchased a counter top, just added some legs and a new desk was born!  For such a tiny room, I feel like we have maximized the space and most importantly, Luke likes it :)

Levi loves all things "Star Wars", so Brad found some panels (like wall paper)  with just about every Stars Wars character and put it up around his bed.  Talk about a happy little guy :)  His room is actually a hallway, so it takes some creativity to make the space work, but Brad did a great job lifting his bed off of the ground to make a place for his toys and still have room for his desk.
Our Abby girl loves lots of color and displaying her artwork and photos. Brad had painted a dolphin a few years ago, and most recently he painted some backgrounds to display some pictures of Memoo and Abby swimming with dolphins in Malta last year.  He is crazy creative and just free-handed them!  I know, I am lucky that he likes to do this sort of thing :)  She also loves the end result!
Hopefully we are done for awhile now :)


leslie.kidd said...

Wow, all three rooms look great! I love the backgrounds to display pictures! So creative...well done, Brad! ;) I think you did a great job using the space you have to get the most out of it.

Wesley said...

Nice job! O has the same Star Wars poster (only much smaller!) in his room. ;)