Sunday, September 09, 2012

Olympic Fever...Part 2

Initially, we only had tickets to track and field events.  And we would have been ok with just going to those events...but some friends of ours who live in London, said that there might be some tickets available for the Women's Final soccer match!  Ok- you don't have to tell us twice :) We went for it, even though at the point at which we got the tickets, America was not yet in the finals- so we were pretty ecstatic that they beat Canada in the final seconds of the semi-finals!

The crowds were incredible!  I had never seen so many people at a sporting event.

These are our friends who helped us get the tickets, Amy and Barry!  (Thanks again!)

Not only did we get to see them win the match, but we also got to see the medals ceremony...which meant that we got to sing our National Anthem! :) It was crazy cool!!!

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