Sunday, April 01, 2007

North we come

After a busy weekend with Tomas and Lana's wedding, spring break is finally here and we are off to one of our MOST favorite places in the world...the mountains of North Carolina. Beech Mountain to be exact. Brad has been going up to this place since he was 7. Lots of memories...lots of fun...lots of playing...lots of laughing...lots of eating (oh yeah...lots of driving too...about 16 hours) But we have our snacks, our iPod, the DVD player and the Gameboys for the kids! Can you guess the favorite snacks of our family members? (The sixth person is my mom)
A. Peanut M&M's?
B. apples with peanut butter?
C. Slim Jims?
D. BBQ Lays Potato Chips?
E. white cheddar popcorn?
F. Mounds bars?
(see below for the anwers)

We are meeting Jeff, Jodie, Ewan and Liesl McMullen and Dominic, Kathryn, Emily and Andrew Christisen (another family who is also considering Vienna and will be going to assessment and orientation in June.):)
All of us are very excited to spend some quality time together! We'll be sure to post lots of pictures when we return home!

Have a blessed Easter! And click
New Album 3/31/07 11:39 PM
if you want to see some great shots from the wedding

the answers for snack quiz:
A. Me Moo B .Brad C .Abby D. Luke E. Levi F. Stacey


Amy said...

Oh, I hope you have a GREAT time!! Can't wait to hear all about it. I feel like your already in Austria, Stace, with things so busy I feel out of touch!! We HAVE to get together when you get back and catch up, my dear friend...

SomeOne said...

Completely off topic, but Stacey! I did about 6 double takes when looking through the wedding photos. I wasn't sure I was looking at a picture of you. You have always been beautiful, but now you are beautiful and very thin!

Laura said...

Hey! Hope ya'll had fun! Benjie called up there and left a message with someone! Hope Brad's eyes are doing ok! We miss ya'll and can't wait for an update on the trip!!