Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coral Ridge Mission Conference

All of this week, we have had the opportunity to attend the Coral Ridge Mission Conference. Brad and I have been sharing our story of how God has called us to Vienna with anyone who will listen! We have attended worship services, Sunday school classes, luncheons, dinners and classrooms...we have talked with young and old and are excited by the questions that have been asked and the prayers and support that have been given on our behalf.

We also have had the privilege of meeting seasoned missionaries from around the world that Coral Ridge supports and we even have had the chance to talk with some of them about how to make this new transition easier for our family. Yesterday at a luncheon for the Women in the Church, Carol Arnold (Co-founder of Equipping Pastors Int'l) ministered to me on a heart level. She shared about how "God gives you the grace as you need it", and I have been reminded this week just how much grace has been abundantly poured out on our family and will continue to be lavishly given to we need it! Our God is so gracious in equipping the body with many gifts and talents and desires of the heart that can be used for HIS Glory! We are so thankful for Coral Ridge and all of the churches and individuals that are partnering with us on this journey to Vienna!


John said... guys are on my short list of "Heros"...along with Chuck Norris

Kim said...

You didn't take a picture of Brad carrying the flag?? :) I'm glad this week has been a blessing for you. Love,kim

Laura said...

Isn't it amazing how God brings support just when we need it?!!!!!

Jeff and Jodie said...

I'm in big trouble next week... (our first missions conference) I hope I can be myself... it looks really intimidating.
~speedy jo