Friday, April 20, 2007

A Friend loves at all times...

God has known just what I have needed today. In the midst of trying to organize, pack and purge...I received a phone call from our missionary friends, the Dossetts. Mark and Karen ( and their 4 boys) have faithfully served in Vienna for over 13 years with International Teams, working with Iranian and Afghan refugees. They were the couple who actually introduced Brad and me, and we have been really encouraged by their family and ministry over the years. It was great to share our struggles, fears and even pray together. God knew I needed someone who knew exactly what I am going through to love on me today!

Then I got a call from another friend, as I was getting ready to go into Bed, Bath and Beyond to get some "Space Bags" for all of our winter clothes. She said, "call me when you get home so I can run a little something by"...that little something was a dozen of the BEST chocolate covered strawberries ever! (check out Croissan'Time if you would like to indulge a little) Thanks Tanners!

We have been well loved by so many of our friends! Some have watched our children, some have taken our "stuff" off of our hands, some have offered to type out my recipes, some have helped us pack, and many of you have prayed! A big heart-felt THANK YOU to all of you who have sacrificed to make this move a little easier on us! We truly are grateful!

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Kim said...

We love you! :) Kim