Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ahhh, the joys of moving! The fun of going through things you didn't even know you had! This post is a desperate plea to get rid of these mantles that were once owned by Brad's grandmother. He "ripped" them out of her old house with his BARE hands when she had to re-locate...and since then, they have been a source of contention with us! You see, we HAVE NO ROOM for them and no one else in the family WANTS THEM! I'm sure they remind him of his sweet childhood in that house...but I think it is time to part with them. PLEASE! SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP me get them to a good home!
The mantles found good homes! Brad can rest easy now and KISS THEM GOODBYE! Thank you!

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Jeff and Jodie said...

are those real tears in your eyes, or artifical tears from a plastic bubble?

Those ARE nice mantles, Brad. I can see now why you salvaged them.

have a good day!