Friday, April 13, 2007

Luke's class travels to Austria

Luke's second grade teacher, Miss Woodburn has been teaching different cultures from around the world this she invited us to come and share our vision for the country of Austria. As many of you know, we are moving the end of June to Vienna. Brad will be attending the University of Vienna and we will be starting an international church plant in the center of the city. (If you are new to this blog, check out our ministry website HERE).
It was fun to interact with the kids and talk to them about what life might look like for us in Austria. They even got to see some pictures of where Luke and Abby will go to school next year. We passed around Schillings and Eurocents (the old and new money of Austria) and they even got the history of how coffee ended up in Vienna. Abby got to join us, and helped pass out "Austrian Flag" cookies to Luke's classmates. We taught them the song "Vater, wir danken dir" and how to say goodbye in German. The class was excited that we were going to be sharing the love of Christ with others, but are sad to see Luke go.

Please remember to pray for Luke (& Abby & Levi) in this upcoming move. It will be a huge transition for them!
Pray that they would make friends easily, that they would like learning and using German, and that their faith would continue to grow as they see the faithfulness of a GREAT God who loves them very much!


Kim said...

What a great class presentation! That sounded like lots of fun for everyone. Have a good weekend! love, Kim

Amy said...

I checked out the new school, and it looks so wonderful!!! I could even read a little of the German! It looks so welcomming. It is good to see pictures of where you'll be so soon.