Monday, July 23, 2007

Es sieht so aus, als ob der Sturm vorbei waere.

"Es sieht so aus, als ob der Sturn vorbei waere."
That is our German phrase for the day on our calendar, and it means:
"Looks like the storm is passing."
For evidences that the Hunter house is returning to normal (depending on your definition of normal), here's a little glimpse into the conversation heard around the dinner table tonight:

Abby: "Why are there 6 plates out tonight?"
[Note: There just were 6 plates, no particular reason. Probably
one was going to have sour cream on it or salsa, who knows.]
Brad: "We're saving one seat for Jesus!"
Levi: "I don't see Jesus eating off the pirate plate."
Abby: "That's because he's invisible."
Levi: "He's not invisible."
Luke: "One theory is that He's so big you can't see Him."
Brad: "In His man nature, you can see Him, but His man nature is in heaven. In His God nature, He's a Spirit, so you can't see Him." Then, switching topics, Brad asks, "Have you seen a homeless woman on the street with a cup?"
Luke: "No, but are those people homeless who have monkeys who dance and do tricks?"
Stacey: "Where did you see that?"
Luke: "On TV. And did you know that chimpanzees share 79% of our DNA?"

So.......we are praising God that--
The record breaking heat wave has ended.
Luke's chicken pox are gone.
Brad, Abby, and Levi are pretty much over the stomach virus.
(Stacey seems to have a touch of it, so please pray for her.)
and that we actually had a conversation and a home cooked meal around a table (nevermind that it is our coffee table, and we were all sitting on the floor until our container arrives...hopefully next week!)


Jennifer said...

hi guys it's jenn irvine here. i just read that you guys moved to prague on the davis' page. welcome to europe. just stopping by and wanted to say that i've thought of you guys on and off since we've met and hoped that all is well. praying for you guys to settle in ok. it takes time...that dinner conversation was hilarious. stacey hope that you are feeling better soon. you can reach us at
take care -
jenn and matt for the irvine's
p.s. we have a london friend in austria right now and i would try to hook you guys up so that you could meet the family that she's staying with however i think she leaves this week. anyway, maybe you can meet her another time when she's in the country/vienna. take care. xx

Jennifer said...

I just glanced at my comment... meant moved to vienna... sorry about that!

Amy Ross said...

Glad to hear that life is getting a bit more "normal." Sorry I keep missing your skypes! Maybe tomorrow... I'll email you! Love and miss you!

Joanna said...

hey glad all is well!! i miss you guys.. i am excited that i might see you in august..i will email you soon!! hugs and kisses