Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sense of humor?

In the last post, I felt like was able to keep my sense of humor in the midst of losing my sanity. Today both are almost gone. It began Thursday eve. in an attempt to "cool" everyone off at the movies. We loaded everyone in the non-airconditoned public transportation and headed to the theater. It was hot...very hot. In fact, Austria is having it's hottest temperatures ever recorded...outside of Vienna it hit 103 on Thursday...and "only" 100 in the city! Levi had been extremely whiney and clinging, but I just thought it was the heat. Brad had just purchased the tickets and I had handed Levi over to him to carry him down the stairs. We were literally one step inside the theater and Levi had projectiles flying from his seemed like a bad movie where the person who is possessed just keeps spewing '"stuff" everywhere! For us, everywhere included all over Levi, Brad and of course the entrance to the theater! The lady at the entrance was kind enough to give us a towel as she covered her mouth with her hand to keep from gagging...

Friday, we thought Levi was on the mend from what we thought was just a 24 hour thing, maybe even a different strain of the chicken pox virus that Luke had, and our first luxury items arrived at our apartment...a washer & dryer! Praise the Lord! Things were looking up.

Saturday, our dear friend Tabea offered to take the kids swimming while we had one more opportunity to lose our sanity, sense of humor, and cash at IKEA. We did manage to get window treatments/blinds for all the rooms that needed them at the apt. (Note to self...when buying blinds at IKEA, they do not provide ANY screws or nails of any kind, so purchase those somewhere else or when you get home you can't hang your stuff up!) Later that evening, Levi started to act funny again. This time I thought he was just tired and overheated from being outside most of the day...

Shortly after we put him to bed, he awoke moaning and crying...then the projectiles began flying once again! What? We thought he was was just a 24 hour thing. Boy were we wrong! Then Brad started complaining of his stomach hurting. A few short hours later, he was experiencing the same fate as Levi. This afternoon Abby was the next victim. This seems to be a trend here recently. ONE of us just can't get it. Almost ALL of us have to get it! Most of you think I am sharing too much already...but, (no pun intended) there is more to this virus than just throwing up. Needless to say, my washer has already been put to good use, as every piece of linen we own has been washed!

So today has been spent lying around, doing laundry, finding "Turkish" crackers (as they don't have saltines here...and it was the only store open on Sunday, as all the grocery stores are closed), thanking God for the breeze and cooler weather, and watching movies that we have seen a million times (that is a hint to anyone who wants to send a care-package) :)

Tomorrow if I am not joining Levi, Brad, and Abby praying to the porcellan god, I will try to post some pictures of our new IKEA purchases. I'll leave you with a sentence that my German calendar of the day had on at least made me laugh!

...Ich bekomme um drei Uhr ein Manikure.
Translated means...I'm going to get a manicure at three.
Or maybe we'll save that for another day!


Lyn said...

Oh, my. It' even "more real" after doing the ichat with you. Sheeeesh!

Jodie said...

Oh Stace... this is 'not so good' in its truest sense.

I feel for you - being mom, nurse and new-culture-survivor all at once.

Our prayers & hopes for good health are with you.

SomeOne said...

Dontcha love big family sicknesses. Our current record is 23 days of someone being very sick--let's hope you don't beat that.

I'm specifically praying that A) it doesn't go around twice and B)you never have 2 children puking at the same time, and C)if you do get it yourself that Brad will have recovered enough to take care of all of you, oh and D) that instead of groaning at the piles and piles of laundry (been there, done that) that you will rejoice in God's goodness to you in working to make you stronger. As TJ once said to us during our very rough year, "Just think of the sanctification value of this."

mccaigs5 said...

I knew that calendar would come in handy! Praying for good health for you guys! love, Kim