Monday, July 09, 2007


I'm able to post pictures again...which is a great thing for those GlamGrams! Speaking of the grandmas, we started our morning with a package from them! New Pj's for Abby, Pokemon cards for Luke and some cars for Levi and enough EXTRA brand bubblegum for everyone! Thank you! Thank you! Hint... In the next package I need some hand sanitizer for all of our grimy hands after riding on public transportation!

As much as we have been grateful for this apartment...the space issue is starting to take it's toll on all of us. My kids think my new favorite word is SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
It is hard to keep 5 people quiet in a 1 bedroom place. They also are wanting their own space and toys! They have gotten really creative with papertowel rolls...but we finally had Luke make a reminder of things that cannot go in the living room...forts, food and drinks! Which translates to them...NO FUN!

So what do you do when it is raining outside and you are waiting for your realtor to call back? After you open up an account at the bank, you go to the Schmetterlinghaus! German lesson for the day...schmetterling=butterfly.

The Schmetterlinghaus felt just like Florida! Warm and muggy! We saw lots of beautiful butterflies and plants that must have been shipped in from Miami.

A fun time was had by all! Tonight we are going to make the "American" blueberry muffins, drink Dr. Pepper (which I found at the Spar) and watch the Sound of Music...wish we could invite you all over, but we really have NO room for any of you!


Amy Ross said...

Are you watching the Sound of Music in German or English?? Glad to see more pictures. Praying for the house situation. And be glad you aren't in this hot, humid Florida sun!! Love you!

Ben said...

no FORTS!!?? that's crucial for a boy.

Joanna said...

hey!! umm. i wanna come this weekend.. i sent you an email.did u get it? if i came, my friend daniel and i would stay in a hostel.. im not sure if he is coming..buuuut he's never been to vienna.

I just want to come and hang out with you guys and im going to turn him loose on the city. what do u think. if we came we wouuld arrive at 440? ish on friday afternoon and leave on saturdya night. well let me know.

Brad & Stacey said...

COME! I'll email you in a minute.

Shannon said...

Stacey, I had never really understood the attraction of the "butterfly worlds" until we went to one at the London Zoo a few weeks ago. It was amazing and it's such a great place for the kids to learn about tons of stuff! Good idea!

And, I'm betting you can find hand sanitizer there somewhere, but just in case I am sending you some!!!

Love you lots!


The Millers said...

Glad to see the pictures are back! And Kenny is one mad bingo player... i think he even went to a few bingo halls in college! glad to hear from you!