Thursday, July 05, 2007

Three strikes and...

Today has been one of those days...we seem to be striking out!

1st strike: It started with a call from our realtor saying the the people who own and just renovated the apt. we fell in love with, now may want it for THEMSELVES! They will let us know on Monday. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to look at another apt. tomorrow morning...please pray for a clear answer.

2nd strike: As we headed out ( to one of the 3 parks we went to today), we all schlepped down the stairs, the 3 kiddos, snacks and enough drinks for the 1st District...we realized that we didn't have our keys! Unfortunately the door locks automatically when it closes...but fortunately we had the cell phone with the landlord's number in it and he called a locksmith for us! A mere 100 bucks out the window! Ugh!

3rd strike: After returning home from a nice eve. out at the Stadtpark, we came home to an e-mail from the advisor to the Sociology Dept. saying that Brad needs to pursue another subject for his Doctorate (like religion or politics). This does NOT mean he isn't accepted into the University, it just means he will have to pursue another department.

We definitely are feeling discouraged and a little defeated. Please pray that the Lord would bring some much needed encouragement our way! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!


Kim said...

We're praying for you! love, Kim

SomeOne said...

three strikes and... you're human!

Praise God for shelter, for keeping locksmiths in business :), and options. Love ya lots and praying for you.