Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We're not in Kansas anymore!

Today was sort of a reality check for me. I know we have been here for over a week now, but today was the first day that I have felt like a bit of a stranger in this land. I guess I just needed an Oma to yell at me in German... on the Strassenbahn (that I should be sitting with Levi instead of standing)or at least that is what I think she said based on her gestures. There were about 10 people squished between Brad and I, so he was unable to translate for me!;)

Then came dinner...my gracious husband offered to take the kids to the park, while I attempted dinner...dessert and all. The applecrisp went ok...and frying up the chicken wasn't a problem, but when it came to making the rice and the "special sauce"...I really couldn't read the directions in German or figure out the conversions of grams and liters for the water and the butter...UGH! Fortunately, Brad and the children returned and Brad was able to help me out. He even translated the actual meaning of the word "wisk" which literally means "snow broom" in German. I know, it was too much info for me too! In the end, dinner was good...but a humbling experience to not be able to figure everything out just the same.

my first attempt at baking in Austria...homemade applecrisp

Even though today was challenging on many fronts, we were able to sign an agreement on a lovely apt. in the 1st District. It is a newly remodeled apt. with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a terrace, and a living area large enough to entertain guests. Now we wait a few days to receive a formal contract and then hopefully move in later this month. Please pray that everything continues to go smoothly.

view of the city from Abby's bedroom

living room and stairs to second floor

I hope you all have a wonderful "Independence Day" tomorrow...please eat some All-American apple pie for us! (we'll make due with our applecrisp)


Amy Ross said...

That apartment looks awesome! And so does your dessert... I'm sure that coming from your kitchen, even in Austria, everything was delicious! Soon you'll be entertaining like the great hostess you are and speaking German with the best of 'em.

Brad & Stacey said...

You are too kind my friend!

Shannon said...

Oh, gosh, Stace, I remember those days... having to actually read a manual to figure out the stove, microwave, washing machine - I had a whole list of favorite webstes on my computer just for converting ounces to milli-litres!! Ahh! And I didn't have to translate to German. You WILL get it. It's just hard in the beginning.

The apt. does look great. Awesome windows! We're going to an "American" restaurant tomorrow night for the 4th, so no homemade apple anything for us, unfortunately. (Or fortunately, if you know my baking skills! haha.)

Love, Shan

Kim said...

The apt. looks great!! Your apple crisp looks really yummy, and I might have to try to make some too. Hang in there! I can't wait to see all your stuff in your new place and hear that you are settled. love, kim

Lyn said...

Apple crisp sounds pretty good to me! Your stories are SO funny; I'm sure you'll have no trouble keeping them going!
Love, Neena

Jeff and Jodie said...

Ah yes, I can't wait to get yelled at by some angry Oma on the UBahn... Good for you on the cooking, Stacey. I can totally imagine the wave of emotions while cooking the first meal... thanks for sharing your experience. And I'm glad you're happy with your apartment - it gives me hope!! It looks fabulous.

domandkat said...

Nice looking apartment! We'll pray that goes through smoothly. We feel the anticipation as we count the days till our trip!
Take care,