Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We officially have an apartment

We've actually been staying in our apartment since Sunday, but we officially signed the paperwork today! It is pretty surreal sitting in my new living room, listening to the sounds of the city outside as I blog! We have found a new home and we are thankful! We are looking forward to our container arriving hopefully in a few short weeks.

These are a few of the pictures from our time with the Prague team...

the girls putting together Abby's bed

Luke and Levi's bed coming together

Praying for our apartment, transition, the city and teammates

It was great having a visit from the Prague team! It was such an encouragement to us, and we look forward to many more weekend ventures!


Ben said...

So happy for you.. it looks beautiful. As does the Prague team! ;)

The Syvertsens said...

We had a great time and love that you are so close. See you again soon we hope!

- Laura

Laura said...

What a BLESSING!!! Praying for you as you settle in to new apartment, life, everything!!!!

Lyn said...

Is that another term for "siesta"?