Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bodensee Konferenz

Here's a belated post of our weekend on the Bodensee (Lake Constance, in far western Austria) May 23-25, where we attended a conference of the Evangelical Reformed Church. Church members and leaders from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and America (yes, that's us) all gathered to discuss the establishment and growth of churches. It was an invigorating and exhausting weekend, getting to hang out with Christians from all over and being encouraged by them, yet driving 7 1/2 hours each way. The kids very much enjoyed spending time with the other children, trying to understand Swiss German and Vorarlberg dialect, while they put on their best Viennese German.

On the drive from far eastern Vienna to the westernmost section of Austria, we also passed through a little chunk of Germany for about 50 Kilometers. There I (Brad) got to fulfill a life-long dream, driving rather swiftly and completely legally on the speed-limit-free German Autobahn.

Here's a shot of the Motley Crew:

See lots more pictures of the weekend HERE.

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Dominic said...

I tried to speed modestly fast (71 mph) on a country road in NC on Tuesday and got caught. Now I have to show in court in Windsor, NC on Aug. 27. Never been there, but I hope Andy Griffith shows up in all his glory even if it isn't Mayberry. I hope me telling you this makes your speed on the Autobahn just that much more enjoyable! Personally, I know I'd be terrified...but just how fast DID you let yourself go????