Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We aren't big soccer fans...but if you live in Vienna while the Euro 2008 is happening then you must check out what all the hype is about! So last Sunday we ventured out with our kids in tow, wearing red and white and donning painted faces (well, Abby and Brad painted Austrian flags on their faces). I thought Brad was going a bit overboard until we encountered other fans on the U-bahn and then in the Fanzone. Wow! Some folks go all out. It was quite a site to see. Here are a few statistics in the paper regarding the Fanzone ring at the Rathaus:

74,420 Fans
300,000 Drinking Cups
86 Food Stands
1200 Toilets
500 Police officers
320 Private security guards
and 5 crazy Americans trying to check it all out!:)

We got through the security and then ventured into the crowd with another family that we are friends with. It soon got crazy when Croatia scored against Austria in the first 4 minutes. We decided that it would be better to find a quieter spot with a better view of the massive screen viewing the game...

on our way to the "better spot" we saw 3 vans filled with police officers getting out and putting on their riot friend and I were like the paparazzi trying to get a few good shots. Then as we lingered around, we also got to see those that they had taken into custody! We were glad we decided to move!

All in all, it was a fun adventure for all of us. Brad and Luke plan to go back to see a few more games...I however have had enough of the crowds and chaos! :) 


Kim said...

That is so awesome! Matt would've loved to be there with you guys! Good to talk to you yesterday! love,kim

Lyn said...

"glad we decided to move" you say ... in the arena, I presume? Sounds really exciting,,, and eye-popping!

Amy Ross said...

Samuel has been keeping tabs via ESPN. He is so jealous that you are THERE!! I can't believe what a sport nut he is!
Looks like fun!!

Anmarie said...

That last picture with Brad prooves to David and I that he still the same!