Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Because...

Me: "Abby why do you want to wear such a nice dress to school?''

Abby: "Just because..."

Abby: "And can you do my hair in those twisty braids too mom?"

Me: "Sure sweet girl"

It's not everyday that the conversation goes like this in the morning. Usually I have to pull one grumpy bear out of her bed and physically help get her dressed, as she remains in her stupor.

This morning was different for no apparent reason..."just because"
and I will treasure this sweet picture of her standing in her velvet dress and twisty braids and I am thankful for the differences between my boys and my girl...just because.


Lyn said...

Oh, so sweet. Tell Abby I sometimes wore my braids like that when I was young, only over my ears (guess I looked like Princess Leia). Love, Neena

Shannon said...

AWWWW! I love her! And someday can you teach me how to do those twisty braids? Cause all RoRo ever gets is wonky plastic barrettes :)